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A Non-Canon Couple Fic Exchange for Twilight Series

Cracking Canon

Need your Twilight not-even-close to canon fix? Welcome to canon_eclipsed, a community fic exchange for writers who know canon well enough to break it. Be sure to check out: Guide to Fic Exchanges and our Rules & Guidelines. Your moderators are: kaiwynn, 49seconds, and twirly. Please submit all questions to us via email at canoneclipsed@gmail.com.

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Round One

All request emails must be received by 5 PM EST on 25 July in order to participate in the inagural round of the uncanon couple fiction exchange. Requests should be sent to canoneclipsed@gmail.com using the request template. Complete fictions are due by 5 PM EST on 22 September. All fictions will be posted by Friday 26 September.


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