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26 September 2008 @ 12:53 pm
Heaven Sent /// For jacyevans  
For: jacyevans
Title: Heaven Sent
Rating: Pg-13
Word Count: 1891
Characters/Couple: Jacob/ Angela
Summary: Angela and Jacob try their hands at dating
Author's Notes: Surprisingly fun to write this pairing; Jacob and Angela are in college and have been dating for a few years.

Jacob starred into the eyes of his lover with a new intensity. They were halfway through the semester, and he just couldn’t get over how much he loved Angela. The two had gone through so much together, and they were still in love.

“Dude, you’re scarring me, why are you looking at me like that?” she asked me.

“I just… You’re amazing, I love you”, I replied.

“You’re just figuring that out now?” she joked.

“No, but sometimes it just blindsides me how lucky I am, against all odds I found the one person I truly love and care about”

“I know what you mean, once I met you, I knew that you were going to be the single most important person in my life. Even when I wasn’t sure if you were interested, I knew I loved you.”

“Those were such awful times, getting the crap emotional crap knocked out of me”

“well it’s not your fault you hadn’t realized your fate and Bella’s were tied in ways you couldn’t imagine. I’m just glad she was my best friend, or else this whole imprinting thing you had to do to get over her would have taken so much longer”

A lump was forming in my throat at that point, I always try to avoid thinking about high school, and how painful it was for both of us.

School wasn’t much easier for her either. She had spent most of high school being afraid to confide with even her closest friends because she thought they would look down on her for not being as outgoing as everyone else..

He was afraid to tell Angela his feelings because he thought his friend wouldn’t feel the same way, and it would ruin their friendship. After dealing with that many times over with Bella he just wasn’t capable of doing it again. It was so different with Angela; he knew he needed her like he needed air. Confiding this in Bella almost completely smoothed over their rocky past- She was someone who knew what that was like.

Angela not only had to deal with the emotional abuse at school, for dating someone so much younger than she was, but also at home for falling in with the crowd from La Push. Angela had always had a crush on Jacob after Bella introduced them at Mikes Beach party, but was never really certain how to approach him with the news. Instead Angela held her feeling inside and beat herself up over being so stupid as to think that Jacob might actually like her. When she met Jacob again at Bella’s graduation party it was intense, she never wanted someone the way she wanted Jacob, but in the same way never had more trouble getting the words out

Luckily for both of them, Angela decided to do something about her feelings, and confessed to Jacob after the party. It was so weird to be consumed with Bella one moment, and then to have the entire axis of his universe switch to Angela, but it felt so right. It was inevitable that once they made it home when the semester ended they would marry.

I took Angela into my arm, and kissed the tears away from her cheeks. Once again I found myself just starring into her eyes, and holding her. It truly is amazing to know how wonderful it feels to have someone to love and hold- to feel utterly complete.

“Lets get ready for the post finals party” Angela said as she got up to change into her 80’s outfit.

I watched her walk out and prepared for the party myself. Not really my idea of fun, but how bad could it be?

Later that night at the party:

The music was so loud I could feel the bass forcing my heart to beat to the rhythm of the music. I never was a fan of clubs, and this just cements the negative image in my head. I wouldn’t have even gone if it weren’t for Angela.

“Isn’t this great!” Angela spoke with such overwhelming excitement I couldn’t help but smile. I was honestly enjoying dancing with her, even though she had no clue what she was doing.

“Sure Angela, what made you choose an 80’s club, when there are thousands of bars in Seattle?” I asked, assuming he’d rather make out than dance.

“I love 80’s music, plus it’s like Halloween, dressing up!”

“Well this is giving me a headache.”

“What do you think we should do about it?”

“I’m going to take an aspirin”

I glanced back at Angela, who seemed engrossed in a conversation with a tall blonde girl; I think she was in our economics class, well it didn’t matter who she was, Jessica just wasn’t with me…

“I’ll be here’ I mouthed

“Okay” she signaled.

With nothing to do I ordered a drink at the bar, and waited, then I ordered another, and another. By the time Angela finally made his way over to the bar I had 2 bottles and a shot glass lined up neatly on the edge.

“Jacob I think you should stop drinking for the rest of the night…”

“I’m fine, well I’m buzzed, but I’ll be fine”
“Just take it slow”

Angela was really cute when she worried about me.

Whether it was the alcohol or lust a wave of intoxicating desire washed over me…

Yeah I, I got to know your name
Well and I, could trace your private number baby
All I know is that to me
You look like you're lots of fun
Open up your lovin' arms
I want some

Well I...I set my sights on you
(and no one else will do)
And I, I've got to have my way now, baby
(and no one else will do)
And I, I've got to have my way now, baby
All I know is that to me
You look like you're havin' fun
Open up your lovin' arms
Watch out, here I come

The music started and some magical force drew she and I toward each other. The alcohol in my blood, and the overwhelming desire made the room spin.

Without any words we started our weird ritual. My back found its way up against a wall, and my lips parted. As natural as air flowing into my lungs his lounge entered my mouth and caressed mine. My eyes were shut, but I could still see the dazzling sparks that were flying.

As if communicating telepathically we made our way onto the dance floor.

The intensity of the stare we shared would have cut diamonds.

I always hated dancing but for some reason this was different, this was like foreplay…

On the floor we moved as one, standing close enough to feel each other’s breath, but not nearly close enough. We didn’t touch; the only contact we shared was our stare. Our stare was the stare that exposed everything, the stare that said nothing.

I broke eye contact to kiss her hard.

No sweeter music than the sound of your name coming from your lovers lips in a fit of ecstasy. Who needs club drugs when you can be satisfied by natural means?

As soon as we hit the dance floor again, another girl made their way over to Angela. Of course she was two courteous to make them leave.

No instead I got snubbed.

My headache was back. I swallowed another two aspirin and went back to the bar.

By the time Angela noticed where I was I managed to make my previous line double. Angela took one look at the line of glasses, then at me.

“Jacob get up, you need to move around!” she said as he pulled me onto my feet.

That ass, never cared to make sure the floor wasn’t spinning under me when she set me down, just let me twirl in circles.

Got its hot, so hot the walls are melting. Angela seems fine though- if only she’d stop standing on the ceiling…

The water- wait how did I get into the pond…

Who puts a pond indoors anyway?

I’m drifting away, and all Angela can do is stand there and watch me drift, deeper and deeper into the blackness.

The next morning:

I awoke the next morning feeing like someone had used my head as a bocce ball. I was a little worried; Angela hadn’t said a word to me before leaving for class today. Anxious and alone I picked up my cell phone and called Bella.

“…I mean Angela makes sure I’m up and have gotten my books together before she leaves. She has never since we started dating, left without giving me a peck on the cheek. I think she’s really mad at me!”

“Well you did act like a complete jerk!” Bella said with a wince.

“What should I do about it, I have never been good at this whole relationship stuff, you know enough first hand to prove that”

“Well go talk to Angela!” Bella said and then slammed the phone down.

I didn’t have long to wait, because fifteen minutes later Angela came home.

“Angela… are you mad at me?”

“No, I enjoy watching you almost die because you’re an insecure attention seeker!”

“It was an accident, I wasn’t…”

“You weren’t thinking? Well no way!” she yelled cutting me off.

“Look, I’m sorry!”

“Stuff your sorry in a sack mister!”

“Look, I dropped the ball! What do you want me to do?” I pleaded almost in tears.

“Promise me you’ll never drink again!”

“Will that make you happy? Will that make you not hate me?” I asked sobbing now.

“Yeah, pretty much… Look, I just don’t want to see you hurt”, she said soothingly as she kissed my tears away.

I know I can deal with not drinking. I’d do anything to make sure Angela never gets mad ant me ever again. I can’t bear to have her mad at me, and see hurt in her sullen eyes.

Angela is the world, she is everything I ever wanted, and all the joy I’ve ever known. The idea of living without her was incapacitating. I couldn’t bear to consider it for more than a moment. I know I was childish to get so drunk at the party, but even the thought of having her away from me for a moment was enough to drive me to that dangerous line. I know I won’t cross it again, not if its what will drive her away.

She is my destiny and I can overcome any task for her. I live for her smiles and her laughter. She is an angel sent from heaven to rescue me from my mundane life. You don’t play games with something that was heaven sent.