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28 June 2008 @ 07:02 pm
Rules & Guidelines  

Please be familiar with how a fic exchange works and acceptable etiquette in a fan fiction exchange. flyingcarpet's Guide to Participating in Fic Exchanges By Someone Who Knows is an invaluable resource.

You must have an active Livejournal and a working email address.

If you request a fic, you must write a fic.

All requests must be for an uncanon pairing (romantic or platonic) and all fictions must focus on the uncanon pairing.

To request a fic, fill out the request form completely and email it to canoneclipsed@gmail.com by the deadline for each round.

In your request, be honest about what you want from the fiction and what you are willing and not willing to write for someone else; clarity and details are a good thing.

You must be over age 18 to request or write NC-17 fiction.

All fictions must be 1000 words or longer, not including quotes from the Twilight books or epigraphs.

All fictions must be complete at the time of submission and include the header for complete fictions found here.

Complete fiction will be posted by one of the moderators so please include everything in the email, including the line you want used as your cut-tag; all fictions will be placed under a cut.

Please do not post the fiction you've written to your own Livejournal, Fan Fiction Net or elsewhere until it has been posted here. Think of these as gifts and you don't want to spoil the surprise. All fictions will be posted here within the week that the round ends.

All fictions must be beta-read! If you do not have a beta, email us.

If you need an extension, email us, however there will be no extension past one week of the original deadline. If a writer flakes, it's one strike and your out.
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