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All The Little Details Slipped Me By /// for pink_rapid

For: whomever
Title: All The Little Details Slipped Me By
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1122
Characters/Couple: Carlisle/Alice
Summary: It's not his fault, he tells himself, venom pooling behind his teeth and kept locked with tight lips -- and some days he can believe it's true.
Author's Notes: I love you, mystery recipient! You really made me think for this request. I hope this fic works for you. And I have a feeling I'm not very anonymous. Whoops. Many hugs to my betas A and E. <3

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love is not a competition (but i'm winning) // for miss_mishi

For: miss_mishi

Title: love is not a competition (but i'm winning)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1036

Characters/Couple: Edward/Tanya (Edward/Bella, implied Jacob/Bella)

Summary: From the very first time, she treats their relationship like a game.

Author's Notes: I struggled a bit with this request, but in the end, I actually had a lot of fun writing it. I tried to stick as close to what you wanted as possible, and I realllllly hope you enjoy it :D An infinite amount of thanks to the fantastic kaiwynn for all of her help. Infinite apologies go out to the Kaiser Cheifs for the copious abuse of their song lyrics, from which the title, corresponding line in the fic, and lj-cut is taken.

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Round One Extensions

Hey y'all:

Several people have asked for extensions due to school and work duties taking more time than usual so the deadline to have stories in is now 1 OCTOBER. Remember to email completed stories to canoneclipsed@gmail.com.
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Round One Assignments

Round one assignments were sent out this morning! If you did not receive an assignment, please let us know. If something is unacceptable or you cannot fulfill the obligation, please email us at canoneclipsed @ gmail dot com.

Fictions are due 22 September by 5 PM EST and will be posted later that week and then the author can reveal who they are, etc. Have fun, and we apologize for the delay!
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Round One Assignments


Apologies for not sending assignments out yet; we're working on it. Breaking Dawn sort of took over the last week. Please look out for an email from us by the weekend. Any questions: post 'em here.
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Deadline Today!

The deadline for round one of the fic exchange is today! If you want to participate but haven't sent in a request, please fill in the request template and e-mail it to canoneclipsed@gmail.com by 5 PM EST. Assignments will be sent out shortly.

If you need a refresher on the rules and guidelines, you can check them out here.
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Happy Caturday!

Non-Canon Lovers!

Be sure to check out whomever's uncanon drabble by request meme over here.

Also, we need all request emails by 5 PM on 25 July which is coming soon. Please use the request template and email it to canoneclipsed@gmail.com. I will post a list of emails we've received about mid-week so everyone is accounted for before the deadline.


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